Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Weekend

I haven’t posted a pic of my baby nephew in a while. Here he is in his Bumbo. Just before this pic he was positioned to look outside the open sliding glass door that’s behind him and he couldn’t have been happier. He’s such a cool baby. I hope he’s always this relaxed and chill. Mike hasn’t had a chance to see him very often because he works so much but he saw him this weekend and was holding him and playing with him, it was the cutest thing ever! When we got home, I was like you liked him, and he was all, he’s cool!

So, I’m sure everyone and their mother saw Batman this weekend. I’m sure because I saw them all when I was there. After we went to my parent’s house for July birthdays (yes plural, three to be exact) my sister and niece along with my husband wanted to go see it. I didn’t want to go try to see it late at night because I’m lying that I’m 25, I’m really 65 and I have a bed time. We went home before meeting them at the movie theater and I looked at just to see if the movie was sold out or not and it was. At this point I’m thinking alright I get to stay home now and go to bed! Not so much. They all wanted to go to a theater on the other side of town that Fandango couldn’t give me info on. So I went along. We were trying to see the 10:15 show, but it was sold out until 11:15. Again, immediately I think yeah we get to go home! Again, not so much. When I’m tired I’m cranky so I was like “I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna!” I still lost. We waited around for an hour for the movie to start. Now, you may be asking me “hey Amanda, what did you think of the movie that you drove around town and went to so much effort to see?” Well, the answer, my friend, is I don’t know. Because I fell asleep. That’s how old I am. It seemed like a really GREAT movie for the first hour and forty-five minutes of the two and half-hour running time. I’m totally bummed that I don’t know what happened. But Heath Ledger did do an awesome job. I’ve already seen the quote “I can make this pencil disappear” on someone’s Twitter. If you didn’t wait in line for an hour to see this movie this weekend then you may not know what I’m talking about. If you did then you can go ahead and quote something from the last half of the movie and I’ll be the one left out with no clue what you’re talking about.

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