Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lazy Weekend

I had a normal weekend. For once. As most of you know, my darling husband works every weekend, I work every weekday. So we rarely see each other for extended periods of time. He had this weekend off, and typically when we have mutual time off we plan something. But this weekend we had no real plans. A couple of ideas. But no real plans or agenda. It was nice to sleep in late, wake up and not shower, hang out around the house. On Saturday we went to Ventura to go to the fair but once we got there and ate lunch at my favorite restaurant, we decided that neither of us really had any desire to deal with crowds of people and spend money. We ran some errands and went and saw Step Brothers instead. It wasn’t awful, it wasn’t great. What could you really expect? Then on Sunday, we really did nothing. We lounged around for hours, then went and played in the pool. I’m not a huge pool person, but no one was there (where was everyone on a Sunday during the summer?!) so I got in and we had lots of fun splashing around. Then in the evening we went and saw The Mummy 3. I knew from the commercials that Rachel Weisz was missing, but I was still very disappointed by her absence the entire movie and I just couldn’t get over it. Rachel, where did you go?
You are probably wondering why I started this post with a picture of sunglasses. Well in my San Fran post I mentioned the glasses that Mike bought that he LOVES and wishes he had gotten more of. We looked on eBay for some more, and found some that looked exactly like them in some very fun colors. These were “Turbo” not “Sport” but they looked great so we hit “Buy Now” and waited patiently for our package of SIX to arrive! They came. Not so stoked. Bummer. But they make for a cool picture! I really wanted this package because I thought the green ones would be my new best friend. Maybe they will make a debut on my face in a future post, but not for everyday wear.

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