Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Assembly Required

About a year ago Mike came up with the brilliant plan to buy bikes. Bikes! We could ride bikes!! I was less than thrilled. I said no way Jose. Bikes are lame. Bikes are for dorks. I'm not a dork. He said but it's something we can do together! We can ride bikes!! I responded that bikes are not a bonding activity. The only way to bond on a bike is to intensely watch the other's behind as we cycle along a path. 
On the 4th of July Mike and I decided to go to the local high school to watch the fireworks. I said let's walk because it will be way too difficult to find parking, and if the fireworks start when we are walking we can view them easier with no car overhead. And bonus, the movie theater is right there we can see a movie right after. Well, this seemingly short walk turned out to be a 30-40 minute walk. So it was then and there that I realized WE SHOULD GET BIKES! BIKES!! We could ride our bikes to the movie theater all the's too long to walk, too short to drive, but just right for bikes! I began to look for bikes. I figured we could find a bike for $25, maybe $50 tops on Craigslist or at a garage sale. Boy was I wrong. Even on Craigslist used bikes are over $100! I went to a bike shop and the bike of my dreams was $450. Finally, we stopped in a WalMart one night and they had new bikes for about $100 fully assembled, but we had the Toyota Corolla that night so Mike promised to go back with a truck and get them. After more than a week passed, I realized he was never going back to WalMart. I perused to find the bikes and lo and behold shipping was only $1.87! It would cost more in gas to back out of my garage. So now we are the proud owners of two brand new shiny bikes! The instructions indicated that assembly was a piece of cake, we beg to differ...even with help from the kitties.

This cat got in my shot:


BreAnne said...

Murray Murray Murray! Sammer Sammer Sammer!

steph diamond said...

hey amanda! It's steph diamond. I didnt realize you were out of the office this week. Are we still on for Saturday? Please email me at