Friday, June 20, 2008

Point A to Point B

Tomorrow Mike and I are embarking on our longest car trip ever for our 6-year wedding anniversary. I know we said no vacations this year, so we are taking a 3-day weekend road trip to San Francisco. That’s not vacation! Vacation is Cancun, Maui, Paris…somewhere that you have to fly and you stay longer than 3 days! My personal bet is that I will be pulling out my hair before we even hit the road…Mike will say something that he thinks is funny but will hurt my feelings and we’ll make up somewhere near San Luis Obispo. Mike can hardly handle the car ride to San Diego or Vegas, so this will be interesting! I haven’t been to the Frisco since I was a kid and Mike has never been and we have absolutely no plans. We barely secured a hotel a couple of days ago, we bought a GPS unit to reduce wasted hours on being lost, and we don’t have a clue what we will actually do there. We’ll probably just ask the concierge at the hotel which direction we should head and explore the city. We will really only be there one full day and two half days so there’s not a lot we can do in such a short amount on time.

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