Friday, January 2, 2009

Meet {Melissa & Scott}

Melissa and Scott, cutest couple ever, got married at the end of 2008. Jen Harris invited me along to second shoot this amazing wedding! Make sure to hope over to her blog to see her perspective...amazing!!!
I particularly loved this wedding because it reminded me so much of my own! It was in a little old Victorian house, not too big, not too small...even a similar dress as mine!

On Jen's blog you can see the way she shot the following picture, mine is shot through a window!

This is Scott and his soon-to-be brother-in-law. They were so cute fixing each other's boutonniere (and yes, I quickly googled boutonniere to check the first try was WAY off, in my defense it's a long word! And apparently French)

Introducing Mr. & Mrs.!!!
The end: :)


Jen Harris said...

I love em! you get better each time i see your work! Can't wait for the next time.hel

Brittany Hensley said...

Love it.. can't wait until you shoot my wedding =P We need to talk about your post spacing.