Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheers to 9 Years!

Today the hub and I celebrate 9 whole entire years of being together! Phew, it's been a long ride but I wouldn't choose to spend it with anyone but him! This morning I found this lovely little note waiting for me downstairs...

In case you can't read his chicken scratch (and no, he's not a doctor, he just has doctor writing without the matching doctor salary. How lovely for me) it says "Good morning sweet lover! I hope u have a great day. I will be thinking about u and that *edited for privacy*. I love you forever and always Happy 6th year Anniversay sweetie!!! P.S. Take some land $"

First, go ahead and compare the header of this blog post to the body of his note. If you are savvy you have noticed that I used a "9" to describe our anniversary and he used a "6" to describe it. Now, we must give him the benefit of the doubt...maybe he has some weird form of inverted dyslexia. OR maybe being with me for 9 years feels like 6.

Second, the "P.S. Take some land $". Your guess is as good as mine on that one! He left me some cash (which I'm assuming is NOT my present) but I have no idea what land money is. Maybe it doesn't say "land" but that's certainly what it looks like to me.

Lastly, he does not read my blog, it's not a secret blog, he just doesn't like reading, and my blog involves reading so it's not on his radar. If I had links to poker videos he would probably check out my blog everyday, but I don't want to risk boring the rest of the population.

P.S. Honey Doodle...if you do happen to find your way over to my blog today, I love you more than you could ever comprehend. I love your smile and your laugh and your sloppily written love notes with cute (sometimes questionable) drawings. Peace out.

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BreAnne said...

He said Lunch $! haha!