Sunday, September 28, 2008


I went to Catalina this weekend with BB for Canon Captures Catalina at the advice of Dane Sanders Blog. The above photo is a reflection of a flag on a boat in the water. The shot was set up by the tour guide, Adam, on a 100-400mm lens at 400mm and he let us put our memory cards in his camera and take the shot. The water looks so awesome!

This kind gentlemen below let us take pictures of the outside of his home. You could tell he loved the attention. The pictures below are all taken on his property of old stuff he's collected over the years. There was a lot more stuff than this!

The next series is from the pier. The following picture of the homes on the hillside isn't very sharp but I still like it.

As we were on the pier some guys excitedly brought in this marlin and they set about weighing the big guy. Apparently it was a contest and these guys found out they had the biggest one so far and were very happy about it. Of the many people that gathered around to witness the weighing a woman next to me asked "is it dead?" My brain started bleeding so I had to walk away.

This flower was shot on a 65mm Macro lens that I was trying out on a 40D. It surely gets rather close!

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