Friday, October 3, 2008

I Registered to Vote!

Sort of. Yesterday Jessica Claire posted a video of celebrities talking about voting on her blog. I had every intention of voting in this election but the video brought to my attention that I really need to register before I forget and it’s too late! In years past I never had a strong opinion on politics so I never registered in an effort to avoid increasing my chances of jury duty. This year I need to vote, I’m 25, I’m an adult, and I need to voice my opinion (not on this blog though!). So I immediately went online, filled out the form, printed it out, and sent it in. Last night I went to dinner with my family and declared my new found ability to VOTE! And my sister asked if I did it online and I said, “yes, well sort of, you still have to send it in.” And she said, “yeah cuz you have to sign it.” And I said, “sign it?” I don’t think I signed it! I find it entirely ironic that I did not sign it because I have this napkin in front of my monitor that I continually sit and doodle my signature on like a high school girl doodling the name of her crush.
So as I sat and doodled my signature I couldn’t turn and write it on an official important document? Now everyone stop reading this for one second and look at the avatar on the right hand side of your screen…yes, I am blond. So I will be trying attempt #2 today. I’m worried that sending in two registrations on two subsequent days will put up a red flag in Washington and when I show up to vote on November 4 Secret Service agents will escort me away to a barren room with bright lights in my face. It’s possible that I watch too much television.
Here's the video: