Monday, September 22, 2008

Manual Labor Day Weekend

The above shot is how my "new" desk looked before I got to work on it this weekend. I say "new" because it's new to me but this wood appears to have been on this earth a long time before I got to it! It's actually reclaimed wood that my dad rescued from an old barn. I love that this desk is going to have such a better story than "yeah I went down to Pottery Barn, dropped a couple grand, now I have me a nice workspace." This desk is going to be almost free and my dad and I made it together and it's custom!

This shot is what it looks like now. It's still not quite done. There are a few more steps before it gets to meet its new home in my fuschia office!

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Paul Bordonaro said...

Hi Amanda, I really love your blog.  This is your father-in-law.  Mikey sent me the link a couple of days ago.  He must have read a little of it, since he got the link right. I am really impressed.  You have real talent.  Great pictures! Excellent writing!  Mikey is a little like his dad.  I'm not much for reading either, except for the real technical stuff... like IRS publications and Government contracts, etc.  However, I was able to make out the last word of his "chicken-scratch" -- it looks like "lunch" to me. He left you some lunch money.  Keep on blogging.  Your're doing great.  Love to you always - Paul