Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Great Desk Dilemma of 2008

The first part of my organization plan was to find a desk. Two full days of searching have passed and no desk has been made or purchased. The first day was spent with my dad searching thrift stores and door outlets for an old door or old table or old wood to make into a tabletop. We found one possible possibility that would have required a lot of work so we decided not to pursue it further. The look I was going for was kind of like the coffee table in this Anthropologie ad:

The second day was spent with my husband, Mike, perusing Ikea. Going to Ikea where I live is an all day affair. The nearest one is about an hour away but we first had to drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction to borrow my dad’s pickup truck in case we found anything. We didn’t find anything. I was looking for this table:

It wasn’t there. But we did have a laugh when I heard “Amanda Bordonaro, please call the operator. Amanda Bordonaro, please call the operator” For a second, I thought it was my friend calling to be funny because she recently pulled a similar stunt when our friend went away to a Bed & Breakfast with her boyfriend. I called the operator and she said “Are you missing anything?” Turns out the bag that I was holding on my arm was NOT my purse! Ikea is a very large store, BTW, so finding the lost and found wasn’t the easiest task, but I found it and apparently a very nice Good Samaritan found my bag and didn’t steal anything. So an extra special thanks to the person who found a brown purse in the Burbank Ikea on March 26! I guess the person who turned it in was like “I don’t know how someone could have left this bag behind, it weighs a ton, you would think they would notice right away that it was gone!” I clearly had my mind on other things…

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