Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm back!

I was out all last week in Culver City with my sister and my new nephew. I didn’t post yesterday when I returned because I worked ALL day…ok, ok, I worked half the day and blog stalked the other half. I had to catch up on my favorite blogs; my computer would not work at my sister’s house!!! So I’ve been building this incredibly long list of blogs that I just can't get enough of, and I decided to give some love. Now my favorites can become your favorites too!

Melissa Jill - Kabloom - The Blog is Found - Heather Bailey - Millie Holloman - Lauren Clark - Eat Healthy Be Happy - Davina
And of course the person that none of this (my own blog) would have been possible without: Brittany Ruth

Back to the baby…I can’t tell you how many pictures we took of this little guy trying to get the perfect shots for his baby announcements. When I tried to take pictures of him while he was sleeping he would scrunch up his little face from the flash so he no longer looked peaceful and serene. And trying to get shots of his hands was out of the question! Every time we pulled them out of his swaddled up comfort zone, those things would just flail about. It was like trying to take a picture of a fly. Here are the winners:

I have a lady from Etsy working on the announcement and I’ll post it when it’s complete, I can’t wait!


Elena said...

Amanda, the baby is beautiful. The last image looks like it is going to be great on an announcement. Just my humble opinion :) (I am a photographer by trade).

Melissa Jill :) said...

Hi Amanda--thanks for the blog love!! Beautiful nephew...