Thursday, April 10, 2008

Open Your Eyes

Apparently with all the things I’ve been doing, I no longer have time to keep track of my personal belongings. Some of you may remember an earlier post describing the time I lost my purse at Ikea, and worse than losing it, I had no idea I had lost it until it was brought to my attention over the loudspeaker. Well this morning I went fishing in my reclaimed purse to not find my sunglasses. I don’t have a pair of Gucci or Prada glasses but I do have prescription sunglasses. For those not in the know, prescription sunglasses cost about as much as Gucci or Prada but you don’t have the name just the pricetag. It should also be noted that finding a pair of sunglasses that have prescription capabilities and look good and fit my face was about a month ordeal and took about three pairs of glasses made in order to settle on just the right pair (thank you Lenscrafters for your generous exchange program! And a special thank you to my husband who spent hours with me picking them out!). When I arrived at work this morning, I began backtracking all the places I went yesterday and trying to remember approximately the point where I remember having them and the point where I remember not having them. Good news: I found them after the second phone call to places visited. Bad news: they are 45 minutes away and I will not be back in that area until next Monday. Good news: I had plans on returning to that area in the near future!!! Adding to my goals: stop losing things!

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