Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Mind is Elsewhere

In order to have a life of no “real” job, Mike and I have agreed: NO VACATIONS THIS YEAR! This will be difficult because I love to go on vacation! We love to go to Vegas, the East Coast, Mexican and Hawaiian beach getaways, local destinations, and I recently went to Europe with my girlfriend. So I’ve decided that I will vacation in my mind and re-live all of the wonderful vacations we have been so fortunate to have already experienced. I see it fitting to start this series with our Maui vacation. We went last June to celebrate our five year wedding anniversary and it was the best trip of our lives! I have hundreds of photos from this trip; it’s so hard trying to pick my favorites.

Helicopter ride

Coconut Drinking
Rooster Feeding

Zipline Fun!

Gorgeous 7 Pools...I would go back just for this:

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