Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Sigg!

I'm constantly getting complements on my super cool purple water bottle. Last night I was watching How I Met Your Mother (if you aren't watching this show, START!) and sitting right there in the middle of this scene was my water bottle! Here is a better pic:

It's a Sigg water bottle. Mike and I were going through hundreds and hundreds of bottles of water and hated the impact we were making on the environment as a result. We recycled them like maniacs but still we were just using way too many. We considering getting a water cooler and refilling water bottles, but any reusable water bottle I've ever tried had made the water taste like plastic. EW! So I finally found this little gem. It's made from aluminum, not plastic! And rumor has it that plastic may leach harmful chemicals. So now I have great tasting, good for me water! I also love Sigg because they donate to ThirstyForChange.com and StopGlobalWarming.org.
Now I want this one:

Mike has a solid black one...couldn't get him to go for a pretty design.
Visit: My Sigg

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