Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vegas is Calling

OMG! The universe wants me to go to on vacation! I know we had pledged no vacations this year so that I can quit my job, but we are both starting to get the itch since summer is just around the corner. Earlier this week, just out of curiosity, we started looking at New York New York. We have never stayed there before but it looks cute. So the very next morning I received an email from New York New York offering me a special!

I was like it’s a sign, we must go now! But we didn’t go or make plans to go. THEN! I got an email from Cirque Du Soleil offering a 35% discount on some of their Vegas shows! I’ve never seen CDS offer discounts because they are so bomb and they don’t have to, but they did! And everyone knows the only reason I like Vegas is for the shows. Now, I just keep getting emails like everyday telling me that I should go. It’s either a higher power or very effective marketing. I’m not sure which.

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